Termovar Thermic Valve

Termovar Thermic valves function using a self-contained thermostatic element. It is a tempering valve used for installations of solid fuel boilers with/without a heat storage tank. The Termovar job is to make sure that there is a minimum return of the water temperature to the heating boiler which as a result prevents condensation, increases combustion efficiency and also increases the life of the boiler. Upon startup the termover permits the temperature of the boiler to rise rapidly by keeping circulation in the boiler to the minimum until the operating temperature is achieved. This minimizes condensation of combustion products on the fireside which prevents premature corrosion of the boiler. The chances of thermal shock (caused by return of cold water from the system) is also reduced. TERMOVAR protects both steel and cast iron boilers and extends boiler life.

When installing, Termovar valve is fixed between the heat load in the return pipe and the boiler. To balance the flow, a ball valve is installed in the recirculation pipe (between the Termovar valve and the boiler supply pipe). A circulator may also be installed between the Termovar valve and the boiler which would be controlled by an aqua stat (to measure the boiler water).

Termovar comes in sizes 12 inch to 2 inch with thermostat temperatures of 113, 131, 142, 162 and 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using TERMOVAR is always a wise choice as it ensures that a minimum return water temperature and also ensures increase in efficiency, prevention of tarring and, s already mentioned, an increase in boiler life. Using TERMOVAR pays off in rich dividends in terms of stability and safety. There are a number of good companies that provide a good product backed up with sound technical consultation. Buyers are required to go through the drill of doing their homework, in terms of technical research, before making a purchase and installing Termovar to a boiler.